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Let's Talk Pickle

Lamont Ferguson

The World's ONLY "Professional" 3.5 Pickleball Player

Welcome to Pickleball Comedian, Lamont Ferguson's online home. 

Join the award-winning, Emmy nominated, internationally acclaimed funnyman as he shares his love of the sport of pickleball.  Here, he'll help shed a light of what makes this America's fastest growing sport.

You'll find light hearted interviews with the community,

comedic videos and even

some interviews with professionals. 

Welcome! Zero-Zero, Start!

About Me

I like to call myself a pickleball enthusiast. I think my friends and family would say that it's a bit more zealot-like. Whatever! I love the game. On this platform, I get to combine my two passions in life; comedy and pickleball.  Click the button below to check out my career progress.


Looking for something unique and fun for your next charity event or company outing?

Perhaps consider having a pickleball tournament with top notch pickleball plating entertainers who then put on an amazing show that evening. 

Pickleball and Punchlines

A day of laughter and fun alongside some of the best pickleball playing comedic entertainers and then and amazing professional show that evening.

A great idea for a fundraiser!